Reel to reel recording / Walden Soundtrack

Just brought in some new gear to continue tracking the "Walden"project, well underway !

Very excited on how this imaginary soundtrack is coming along ! Experiments, ambiance, atmosphere, nature and dreams, all mingle in my head and infuse the analog tape :)

A Walden Soundtrack

Parallel to completing a new record, started working on a new project, a soundtrack to Thoreau's Walden. A musical score to Nature, wildlife, woods & forests.

New zine in the works

Titled (in French) "Construction d'un monde meilleur", this new zine is all about quantum physics, art and surrealism...out soon !

New artzine - memory Layers n°1

Just finished the Memory Layers n°1 screenprinted artzine. 1 sheet of paper, 2 colors, a stapler and a reduced format made this a pleasure to make.

Brittany Street Abstraction

A new screenprinted poster featuring a street from Brittany, France.

ReDeYe Tour Postcards

Design and screen print of these ReDeYe merch postcards.

Background is blue halftones for the skies, foreground is the logo / design work around the "Open D & Echo", name of that tour.

"Mad as Hell" ScreenPrint

This print is a 3 color abstract screnprint, with a 4th color (white) forming an angry face, over the chaos of colors...courtesy of Charlie Sheen.

Tree Folks - Screenprinted Comics

Just finished printing my first comics page, in traditionnal referenced Black ink on White paper.

The "story" and narrative are abstract and surreal, probably equally inspired by the works of Max Ernst and Salvator Dali than by Moebius and Winsor McCay...all on a thread of the children's song "K-I-S-S-I-N-G"