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DEAD HEAD - Punk ArtZine

Based on Caroline Ruffault's photographies ( this art/punk screenprinted zine portrays skulls and figures in an intriguing and graphic way.

12 pages, 2 color (black & red on white heavyweight paper) screenprinted zine, very limited edition of 10.

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A fully screenprinted self help zine about using quantum physics and mechanics to build a better world ! Get to change the world with this easy to use "Build a better world" manual !

Hand drawn surrealistic illustrations and a french text, all hand printed, binded and croped. Limited numbered copies for sale here


Screenprinted art zines with drawings, collages and cut ups.
2 colors, a dark purple and a dark red.
The zines are a 12 page small format, finished size is 5x2.75 in.
It was printed on a heavyweight 80lb white paper, as it was printed on both sides of the paper.
Both zines were home made, from the artwork too the layout, the printing to the binding !