Map to a Soundtrack #2 !

Inspired by JJ Rousseau’s book, this imaginary soundtrack is a personal sonic interpretation of the Reveries of the Solitary Walker.

Focused on Promenades 5 and 7, the most nature and inner looking chapters of the book, the soundtrack is a companion to walking, meditating, dreaming and spacing out. A helping hand, here to guide you as you follow the steps of Mister Jean Jacques as he strolls on a secluded island or the Alps hills and valleys.

Meditative, rocked by the slow walking pace, this piece of music was put together on an analog Fostex M80 reel to reel 8 Track, with old synths and drum machines. All flaws and parasite noises were left unharmed and unfiltered, hopefully giving it texture, sincerity and richness, as grown from the earth.

Immerse yourself. Listen to these sounds when working at home, as a podcast on your daily commute, for your morning walk, daydreaming next to the fireplace or on a front porch star gazing.

Listen. Breath. Allow your spirit to wander. Meditate. Dream.

  Personnel  :  All instruments, recording and mixing by Guillaume Fresneau ( )        Themes  (Tracklist) :  Rêverie #5, Rêverie #7        Stream & Download  available on Bandcamp :

Personnel :

All instruments, recording and mixing by Guillaume Fresneau (


Themes (Tracklist) :

Rêverie #5, Rêverie #7


Stream & Download available on Bandcamp :

ReDeYe shows in May

Joining Tucson artist Casey Golden on the French portion of his European run, ReDeYe will be playing 3 shows in May as an opener to the AR artist.

Fri 18th May – En Rouge et Loire, Angers

Sat 19th May – Le Riff Magnetique, St Malo FR

Thu 24th May – Le Pop In, Paris


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Only 5 "Walden"Cassettes left !

Low count alert ! Only 5 cassettes remaining of the Walden imaginary nature soundtrack. Didn't really know where I was going with this all analog, reel to reel, dreamy, abstract piece of music, but turn out exceeded expectations, thanks for listening ! More to come soon ! Free stream + orders on the bandcamp #cheers #naturemusic #naturesoundtrack #imaginarysoundtrack #walden #thoreau #maptoasoundtrack


A Place in this Town / Birthmark - 7"Vinyl Single

New single now available, download and heavy weight 7" vinyl 45 !

The single features 2 songs written and recorded in Austin TX.

Audio available on Youtube

Get a copy here :

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New vinyl 45 on the way

Life in Austin wasn't all about lone stars and taco, also eventually recorded a few tunes...coming up is a new 45 single with a couple songs brewed with some of the oh so talented musicians, producers and engineers I was fortunate to have met and worked with in the Capital City

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WALDEN is in french magazine GONZAI

Some great words on the Map to a Soundtrack - WALDEN project in the french alt magazine GONZAI !

"17 minutes to dream about all the other lives you could be living" Thanks !

Logo artwork for LaFolie Records

Drawing for the new LaFolie Records logo, who wanted a more relaxed, illustrative, cool vibe to their signature, versus a cleaner/colder digital previous version.

The new logo also portrays the company's values, of always aiming for the best, in quality and interaction, and of bringing out people's best potential, hence the space exploration theme.

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