The new record is now availabe through Inouie Distribution :

And still streamable everywhere on the www, here on Spotify :

New shows coming up :

5 Oct. Oan’s Pub / Rennes
17 Oct. Balades Sonores / Paris (solo)
18 Oct. Bus Paladium / MaMa Festival
24 Oct. Point Ephemere / Paris (solo, w/ G. Love )

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New Album "Desert Eyes" is out now !

There it is, the launch of the new record !

Get a physical copy on Bandcamp CD or Vinyl ( Vinyl ships in April! )

Listen to the record on all streaming plateforms, including :





Reviews & Pre Order for the new album !

A Place in this Town / Birthmark - 7"Vinyl Single

New single now available, download and heavy weight 7" vinyl 45 !

The single features 2 songs written and recorded in Austin TX.

Audio available on Youtube

Get a copy here :

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New vinyl 45 on the way

Life in Austin wasn't all about lone stars and taco, also eventually recorded a few tunes...coming up is a new 45 single with a couple songs brewed with some of the oh so talented musicians, producers and engineers I was fortunate to have met and worked with in the Capital City

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WALDEN is in french magazine GONZAI

Some great words on the Map to a Soundtrack - WALDEN project in the french alt magazine GONZAI !

"17 minutes to dream about all the other lives you could be living" Thanks !

Reel to reel recording / Walden Soundtrack

Just brought in some new gear to continue tracking the "Walden"project, well underway !

Very excited on how this imaginary soundtrack is coming along ! Experiments, ambiance, atmosphere, nature and dreams, all mingle in my head and infuse the analog tape :)

A Walden Soundtrack

Parallel to completing a new record, started working on a new project, a soundtrack to Thoreau's Walden. A musical score to Nature, wildlife, woods & forests.