WALDEN is in french magazine GONZAI

Some great words on the Map to a Soundtrack - WALDEN project in the french alt magazine GONZAI !

"17 minutes to dream about all the other lives you could be living" Thanks !


Logo artwork for LaFolie Records

Drawing for the new LaFolie Records logo, who wanted a more relaxed, illustrative, cool vibe to their signature, versus a cleaner/colder digital previous version.

The new logo also portrays the company's values, of always aiming for the best, in quality and interaction, and of bringing out people's best potential, hence the space exploration theme.


logo 2 space_HD.jpg

Reel to reel recording / Walden Soundtrack

Just brought in some new gear to continue tracking the "Walden"project, well underway !

Very excited on how this imaginary soundtrack is coming along ! Experiments, ambiance, atmosphere, nature and dreams, all mingle in my head and infuse the analog tape :)

A Walden Soundtrack

Parallel to completing a new record, started working on a new project, a soundtrack to Thoreau's Walden. A musical score to Nature, wildlife, woods & forests.

New zine in the works

Titled (in French) "Construction d'un monde meilleur", this new zine is all about quantum physics, art and surrealism...out soon !